Our staff must recognize itself in these words... determined and passionate!

Some of our main collaborators now are practically part of our family.

Guglielmo Azzaro, for us simply GULY, he grew up with us and with our standards of service, he is now in charge of managing our customers with elegant familiarity.

Riccardo Carreri, also know as “the perfectionist”, in love with everything related with wine but seduced by the art of restaurant service...

Alberto Gremo despite his young age he showed great professional maturity gaining the chef position

Naim Daljpai likes to be called Andrea so that he “feels” more Italian, but we all like to call him Naim, like it’s referred to as my "sous-chef”… with a great capacity to meet all requirements, which is what is needed to successfully run this kind of business.

Miguel Angelo Portuguese by birth with professional experience in Spain (Barcelona); the attention he pays in designing the dishes he creates make him perfect for the the role of line cook in charge of “antipasti” and desserts.

Mojbour translated in MOGI… the eldest and our “wise man” at the same time; the one who knows everything but he often acts like he doesn't! He represents a generation of Modern Dishwashers.

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